How to Write an Effective Bank Account Close Application (Samples & Format)

Are you thinking of closing your bank account? Perhaps you’re switching to another bank or moving to a new location. Whatever the reason, it’s essential to know how to write a bank account close application correctly.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through how to write a perfect bank account close application with 5 Samples.

We will also see a universal format that can be used in all bank account close applications. Take a deep dive to gain more from this informative article.

Reasons Behind the Closure of Your Bank Account

There can be many reasons behind closing a bank account. We have mentioned some of the major reasons below.

  • Moving to a different city
  • Poor customer service, High fees, or Inadequate banking features
  • Inability to maintain the bank account
  • Death of the account holder
  • Long-term inactivity of the account
  • Zero balance over a long period
  • Frequent overdraft
  • If someone wants to open a new account with a different bank
  • Identity theft

Follow the Guidelines before Closing a Bank Account

  • Account Balance: Please verify your account balance before closing it.
  • Send Your Money: If there is money in the account, take it out right away.
  • Check for Fees: Review the bank’s policies to see if there are any early closure fees or penalties associated with closing the account. Plan accordingly.
  • Return all Bank Documents: Give bank employees your ATM card, passbook, and checkbook after account closure.
  • Auto-Pay: Stop or divert all auto-pay transactions to ensure a seamless banking experience.
  • Verify Account Closure: Understand the bank’s procedure for account closure. Some may require you to visit a branch in person, while others may allow closure online or over the phone.
  • Keep Records: For future reference, keep a record of every conversation with the bank on the closure, including confirmation numbers and dates.

Bank Account Closing Letter Format

With the below single format, you can write any banking application including the account closure application. So read carefully to understand the structure or format of the Bank Account Close Application.

Bank Manager,
[Bank Name]
[Bank Address]
[City, State, ZIP Code]

[Date: Date/Month/Year]

[Subject: “Please write the subject of the application here”.]

[Dear Sir/Madam]

[Here you have to disclose the purpose of your application and also include any relevant details or supporting documentation.]
[Finish with a kind note of thanks for the manager’s consideration of your issue.]

[Thank You,]

[Yours Sincerely,]

[Your Signature]

Name: [Your Name]
Account Number: [Your Savings/Current Account Number]
Mobile Number: [XXXXXXXX78]
Email Id:

Samples of Bank Account Close Application

Here are 5 samples of account close applications based on different circumstances.

Sample 1: Bank account Closing Letter due to Living in a Different City

The Branch Manager,
State Bank of India,
Mori Gate, Kanpur.

Date:- Date/Month/Year

Subject:- Bank account closing letter.

I am writing to request the closure of my bank account held at your esteemed bank. I have been residing in a different city for the past six months, so I am no longer in need of this account.

I have enclosed all necessary documents and forms to facilitate the closure process. Kindly process this request at your earliest convenience and confirm the account closure.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Yours Sincerely,
***Please Sign Here***
Name: Vishal
Account Number: XXXXXXXX5555
Mobile Number: XXXXXXXX33
Email Id:

Sample 2: Bank account Closing Letter due to Dissatisfaction of Service

The Branch Manager,
HDFC Bank,
Mori Gate, Kanpur.

Date:- Date/Month/Year

Subject:- Bank account closing letter.

I am writing to request the closure of my bank account (XXXXXXXX5555) as I am not satisfied with the services of your bank. So, I no longer require this account.

Please deactivate this account and send the confirmation of bank account closing by phone or email.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yours Sincerely,
***Please Sign Here***
Name: Vishal
Account Number: XXXXXXXX5555
Mobile Number: XXXXXXXX33
Email Id:

Sample 3: Bank account Closing Letter due to Inactivity

The Branch Manager,
Mori Gate, Kanpur.

Date:- Date/Month/Year

Subject:- Bank account closing letter.

I am writing to request the closure of my bank account [XXXXXXXX1234] as it has been inactive for the last six months. Due to my financial circumstances, I no longer require this account.

Kindly close the account and provide me with confirmation of closure via mail or email.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yours Sincerely,
***Please Sign Here***
Name: Vikram
Account Number: XXXXXXXX1234
Mobile Number: XXXXXXXX34
Email Id:

Sample 4: Account Close Application Letter Due to Financial Constraints

The Branch Manager,
UCO Bank,
Mori Gate, Kanpur.

Date:- Date/Month/Year

Subject:- Bank Account Close Application Letter.

I am writing to request the closure of my bank account [XXXXXXXX8989] due to unforeseen financial constraints. Regrettably, I am unable to maintain multiple accounts at this time.

Please close the account and confirm closure at your earliest convenience.

I appreciate your understanding.

Yours Sincerely,
***Please Sign Here***
Name: Bittu
Account Number: XXXXXXXX8989
Mobile Number: XXXXXXXX56
Email Id:

Sample 5: Letter to Bank Manager for Closing Account (New Account)

The Branch Manager,
UCO Bank,
Mori Gate, Kanpur.

Date:- Date/Month/Year

Subject:- Bank Account Close Application Letter.

I have a savings account in your esteemed branch for the last 2 years. But I want to open a new savings account in another branch. So please close this account as soon as possible.

I will be thankful to you if you provide my account closing confirmation via email or phone.

Thank you in advance for your work and time.

Yours Sincerely,
***Please Sign Here***
Name: Lara
Account Number: XXXXXXXX1122
Mobile Number: XXXXXXXX52
Email Id:

Account Closure Form of Different Banks

Bank NameDownload Link
1. SBIDownload the SBI Account Closure Form
2. HDFCDownload the HDFC Account Closure Form
3. PNBDownload the PNB Account Closure Form
4. Union Bank of IndiaDownload the UBI Account Closure Form
5. Yes BankDownload the YES Bank Account Closure Form
6. DCB BankDownload the DCB Bank Account Closure Form
7. Axis BankDownload the Axis Bank Account Closure Form
8. Bank of BarodaDownload the BOB Account Closure Form

Benefits of Closing a Bank Account Correctly

Eliminating Charges

If a bank account remains open without any activity, maintenance fees or a minimum balance may apply. Ensuring a correct closure of the account helps avoid unanticipated fees.

Credit Score

Unresolved issues with a bank, such as overdrafts or unpaid fees, can negatively impact one’s credit score.

Security Issues

Keeping a dormant account open increases the danger of identity theft and other security issues. These weaknesses are eliminated when the account is closed.

Documents Required to Close a Bank Account

The following documents could be needed to close a bank account.

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Bank Passbook
  • Debit Card or Credit Card
  • Checkbook (in case you have it)
  • Bank Closure Form

Step-by-step Procedure to Close a Bank Account

Gather Necessary Information

Before initiating the closure process, gather essential account details, including your account number, the balance remaining, and personal identification documents like an Aadhar card or PAN card.

Contact Your Bank

Reach out to your bank branch and ask the bank representative about their specific account closure procedures.

Complete the Closure Form

Most banks require customers to fill out a closure form, either online or in person, to officially request the closure of the account. Fill out this form carefully, also attach identification documents along with this account closure form.

Clear Pending Payments

Ensure that all the pending transactions, including deposits, withdrawals, and payments, are processed before closing the account to avoid any complications.

Transfer Remaining Funds

Transfer any remaining funds in the account to another bank account or withdraw it manually.

Return Cards and Checks

Return any debit cards, credit cards, or unused checks associated with the account to the bank to complete the closure process.

How to Write a Bank Account Close Application in English

If you would like to close your account, you can write an application to the bank manager. The detailed instructions for drafting a successful bank account closure application are provided below.

Gather Necessary Information

Before drafting your application, gather all the necessary information and documents required for closing a bank account. This typically includes your account details, identification documents, and any outstanding balance.

Addressing the Recipient

Find out who the appropriate recipient of your application is. This is usually the bank manager of your branch.

Writing the Header

In the header section, write the contact information of the recipient which is the bank manager of your branch.

Opening Paragraph

Start your application with a polite and concise opening paragraph. Clearly state your intention to close the account and express gratitude for the services provided by the bank.

Reason for Closure

Provide a brief explanation of why you’re closing the bank account. Whether it’s due to dissatisfaction with the services, or any other reason, be honest and straightforward in your explanation.

Account Details

Include your account details, such as the account number and type, to facilitate the closure process.

Request for Closure

Clearly state your request for closing the account. Use assertive language to ensure that your request is understood and processed promptly.

Finalizing the Application

Before submitting your application, review it carefully for any errors or omissions. Make necessary edits to ensure clarity and professionalism.

Closing Remarks

End your application with a polite closing statement, expressing appreciation for the bank’s cooperation.

Contact Information

Include your contact information, such as your phone number and email address, so the bank can reach you at the time of emergency.


If you’re enclosing any additional documents with your application, such as a copy of your Aadhar card or PAN card, mention them in this section.


Make sure your application is free of typos and grammatical errors by carefully reading it before submitting it.


In conclusion, writing a bank account closing letter is a straightforward process that requires attention to detail and professionalism.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can draft an effective application that facilitates the smooth closure of your bank account.


Q1: What is a bank account close application?

  • It is an application that we write to the bank manager of our bank branch, in which we request him to terminate our existing relationship with the bank.
    When you close a bank account, you are formally cutting off all communication with the financial institution.
    This process is essential to ensure no further transactions occur and to avoid any unnecessary fees or liabilities associated with the account.

Q2: How long does it take to process a bank account closure request?

  • The processing time varies depending on the bank and the complexity of your request. Typically, it takes a few business working days to process the closure.

Q3: Will closing my bank account affect my credit score?

  • Closing a bank account usually doesn’t directly impact your credit score. However, if the account has a negative balance or outstanding fees, it could affect your credit if left unresolved.

Q4: Do I need to withdraw all funds before closing my account?

  • Yes, it’s advisable to withdraw all funds from your account before initiating the closure process to avoid any complications.

Q5: Can I reopen a closed bank account?

  • In some cases, you may be able to reopen a closed bank account by contacting your bank and following their procedures. However, it’s subject to the bank’s policies and may require additional documentation.
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